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For the members, the kazboo community is about being able to communicate, get involved, learn something and have friends.
For the organizations to be able to be in contact with its current and future members, to spread awareness of the work the organization does, and to bring its members together in a community that remains alive despite pandemics, austerity, illness and holidays.

kazboo is the online place where members and organizations meet in communities and benefit greatly from each other.
Therefore, the app for members and the administration panel for organizations is easy and straightforward to use.

All communication in the kazboo app is tailored to our members. This means that we communicate with video, sound, graphics, images and very small bits of text.

In the administration panel you can:

  • Create, schedule and post your daily posts, events and events, activities and courses and more

  • You can engage your members with responses to their comments on your content. Do it with tools like text, audio files, video, images, likes and emojis

  • You can be in direct contact with your members and answer their questions in your message center
  • Show what the organization works with, who you are and what activities you hold on your profile page. Of course, like everywhere else on the platform, you can also do this with video, images, texts and sound

  • Use your organization’s personal QR code to invite your members to be part of your community

  • View statistics so you have an overview of what kind of content performs best

We are here to help you all the way to a vibrant community.
And this means that we are constantly coming up with different measures so that you can be dressed as well as possible to look after your online community. We do this in several ways, and as an organization you can freely choose where and what you use your energy for.

Success magazine
In your cockpit you will find our success magazines under “Success Center”. Successmagazine is a guide with practical tools to make your work in kazboo even better and easier. We teach you step-by-step how to create engagement, record videos and audio, use storytelling as an explanatory element and much more.

Upcoming holidays and events
We keep you on track with events and upcoming holidays to give you ideas on how to build material and posts around them.

Success Center
In addition to success magazines, you can also find setup instructions, tips and tricks. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can always fill in a support ticket. Then we will probably help you further.

Online workshops

We often hold workshops where you can learn and be inspired about how to get the most out of the possibilities in kazboo. Workshops have different formats and we do a mix of the following:

  • Online workshops, where we give you training in how kazboo can help you, for example, market your activity online, attract more members, use kazboo as part of your fund project and much more

  • “Coffee and content” live workshops where we help you plan your monthly content

If you can’t participate live, you can always watch it later. It will all be ready for you in your success center.

All organizations can greatly benefit from an online community

Whether you are a large or small organization, whether you have many members or few, has no bearing on whether you can benefit and enjoy an online community.

Being present and personal to your members can make a big difference for them.

They get to know you as an organization much better and develop a completely different and much closer friendship and relationship with you.

It gives more commitment and higher impact, which benefits everyone. Book a meeting with Signe and hear how your organization can benefit from having an online community in kazboo.