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A safe and secure online community

We take good care of our members and our community

The safety of our members is our highest priority. And security in particular is an area that we are constantly working to improve. We work with a vulnerable group of people, and we take that responsibility seriously all the time.

This is also why we are active and online together with our members. Real people who look after the community.

Closed system

The kazboo app is a closed system. This means that no link can be shared either in or out of the app. It is therefore not possible to share a link to, for example, a YouTube video. This also means that – unlike e.g. Facebook – the members' mail does not come up when you search for them on e.g. Google. Everything that happens in kazboo stays in kazboo. You must be 15 years old to be able to register in the kazboo app

We must constantly improve - and we do

Our commitment is to do our utmost to protect our users from contact fraud, harassment and identity theft. It's an area where we're constantly evolving, and we do our absolute best to create a 100% safe space. All hours of the day, our systems learn and monitor behavior and patterns. As active online users, we look after our members and work to support our users.

Members approve members

You must be approved to join the community. It happens when you take a selfie. If you are invited by another member in the app, the approval is done by the member who invited. If you come directly from the App Store or Google Play, the approval is done by our support.

Friend requests with selfie approval

To become friends in the app, you must send a friend request. Along with it, you must send a selfie. First of all, it's nice to see who wants to be friends with someone, and secondly, you can decipher if it's a real person and not a picture taken by something else.

Easy reporting and blocking tools

You can report and block content and people. When you report, the content disappears so you can no longer see it. When something is blocked and reported, we are immediately notified and our support acts according to our rules.

Automatic blocking of inappropriate words

In the community, we speak nicely to each other! Inappropriate words in categories such as sex, money, racist, offensive and derogatory words cannot be used. The same applies to bank account numbers, social security numbers, payment cards, passwords etc.

Get help from guardians and superusers

As a member of the app, you can have a guardian account. A guardian can support and help and can follow what is happening. The super users are members of the community who know the app really well and are very active in the community. You can always ask for advice and get help from them, directly between member and super user.

Active approvals of online and active administrators and moderators

We are active and online with our users. In addition to our systems, there are also real, live people who help look after the members and the community. We are both administrators and superusers.