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We are happy to accept an interview

We are happy to accept an interview about the same focal point as our app, namely about reducing loneliness through friendships and online activities for people with developmental disabilities.

We will be happy if we can get material to read through before it is published.


Press contact and photo material

Signe Naessing

Facts about kazboo

  • Friendship app for people with developmental disabilities and the organizations that support them
  • A safe and secure platform where everyone can participate – even if you are not very good at reading and writing, because in kazboo we communicate with video, sound, images and small text messages
  • Our mission is to reduce loneliness for people with developmental disabilities
  • kazboo was created with 2 purposes: relationships and connection

Our mission is to be the platform you naturally seek to be part of a safe and secure community for developmental disabilities, where members gather together with the organizations that support them, so that together we can build a unique community with easy access to activities, fun and learning. We strive to fight loneliness with our online community, where everyone has a voice, a sense of belonging, has friends, and where no one feels alone.

It is extremely important for us to be active in the fight to combat loneliness for people with developmental disabilities. We do that, among other things by offering the friendship app for free to our members and even more by giving the supporting organizations easy tools to support their existing members and reach new members who can benefit from their work.

We strive to make community, communication, support, learning and friendship easy, safe and accessible for people with developmental disabilities around the world, and we do it in a way that fits and makes sense for them.

Being able to find friends with the same interests as yourself is the first step on the journey to a more independent life. Together with the supporting organizations, we take the members by the hand and show, guide and support friendships and activities that give them a better everyday life.


3 in 4 people living with autism and learning disabilities have experienced hate crime


People with a learning disabilities are 7 times more likely to be lonely


8 out of 10 of young people with learning difficulties reported experiencing bullying


Every 8th person with learning disabilities don’t have one single friend