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Audio stories about life with developmental disabilities

Leander and his tuk tuk
Leander has always been told that his future was in a protected workplace. But he didn’t believe that and luckily neither did his father. Hear the story of Leander and his tuk tuk.

Martin is a volunteer in the circus all summer
Have you ever wondered what it must be like to travel with a circus? Or have you ever thought about all the work that goes on in a circus behind the scenes before, during and after a circus show? You can hear about that here in the story about Martin, who volunteers in the circus.

Martin er frivillig i cirkus
per lissy i skagen

Lissy, Per and love in Skagen
A day in Skagen for banana cake and the recipe for a good relationship. Lissy and Per have been dating for 17 years and married for 11, and here they give their good advice on how to keep being good together.