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Members' interests

Provides development and self-confidence

Interests are much more than something you just spend your free time doing. It is the foundation for friendships and development.
We believe that the best way to learn, develop, participate, have fun and engage is by joining a community that shares our interests and can inspire us to actively participate.

Having a mutual foundation helps ensure a successful experience from the beginning. It is also a major focal point for whether you even want to participate or want to learn.

Therefore, everything we do in our online community is centered around the interests of the members. We have two major focal points of interest. We work with friendships based on the interests of our members and interests in activities which, through the organizations’ material, provide development, independence and knowledge both on the platform and out in reality. That’s why kazboo is all about our members’ interest. When a member registers, we ask for their interests. The interests they choose become their friend and activity finder.

Although the two focal points of interest are different, they go hand in hand.

Friendships based on interests

Starting a conversation about your shared interest in fishing, knitting, favorite music or maybe the same favorite TV show gives a great conversation starter and something to talk about right away, and it takes the pressure off meeting new friends online.

Interests in activities

The interests of the members are also what we use to direct the activities that organizations work with towards the members of the community. We use the interest 'baking' to show activities around baking and cooking from organizations to the member.

Poul meets friends on the social friendship platform who share his interests, and he can get involved in organizations that offer information, knowledge, activity and events that capture his interest and motivation.

Now he can get lessons, life lessons and be part of different groups that show and teach him about baking, fishing, finances, or follow an organization that has online Christmas activities in December. Interest drives commitment and involvement, and Poul learns more and better.

As an active organization in kazboo, you can easily enter Poul’s world with your content. You also set interests on your content so we know who to show your content to.

An example
Your organization offers a short course on how to clean your kitchen. It is done in an online format and it must be offered to the members of your online community.

In your administration panel (your control panel for all your material) you upload your video, give it a short description and then select the interests that are related to your content.

In this case, the category ‘Household’ is obvious. In this category we find e.g. washing up, cleaning and the slightly wider interest of housekeeping.

In the category ‘Food’ we find, among other things, dinner and cooking, which are also interests that can point to the content.

All members with interests that match are now introduced to the course on how to clean your kitchen.

An online community can contribute so much both to your members and to your organization.

You can help and support even more, and the members can get involved in your particular organization. Now you have a joint opportunity to support each other.

Different organizations have different communities. Here you can read about how riding therapy, a café and a festival’s online community can look like and what content you as an organization can use online.