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Let's make friends together

to your activity and together increase your impact on the participants

Friendships are made when people meet, but often they end up running out of steam because they never really get going. It can be difficult to make contact in the days after an event. And this means that many relationships and future friendships never get wings to fly. We are changing that now.

The new social friendship app kazboo for people with developmental disabilities helps create and maintain new and old friendships.

With a friendship account in the app for your specific event, activities, events and daily work, your participants can meet online and keep in touch and meet others who also participated in the event.

For your activities, this means that more people see the activity and you as the sender. You will have an obvious opportunity to keep existing and future participants more engaged and excited both now and in the future. And you will have been given a channel to talk about your activities directly to the target group.

Together with you, we create friendships and community for people with developmental disabilities.

Shall we make friends about your activity?
We know that when you organize an activity such as a festival, a summer school, a trip to the North Sea or something else, there is plenty to take care of. Therefore, we offer to start your friendship account well, so that it can start working for you in the community.

When you have caught your breath and the activity is finished, you take over the friendship account and can prepare for the next activity and start building your special online community yourself.

All you have to do right now is send us the material
In other words, we become your own little online community marketing agency for your activity. We start you off safely and well and of course keep you informed about how things are going, so that you can follow along at all times and are well prepared to take care of the account yourself in the future.

From you we must use

  • A logo. Either for the activity itself or from you who hold it

  • A few pictures. It can be from previous activities you have held, from the venue, from organizers or similar. If you don’t have pictures, we can help you find some that can set the mood

  • A short film if you have it Information about the activity such as date and time, address, ticket sales and the like.

When we have it, we do

  • Create a friendship account in kazboo

  • Market your event to the members in the app via your friendship account

  • Sends your completely unique invitation QR code and invitation page to you, so that the participants can easily find you in the app. You can put it in/on your material, website, invitations etc.

  • Sending you a poster that you can print and hang up with the invitation QR code for the event, so that the participants can find you in the app.

Our mission is to create a safe and secure community where people meet, create relationships and also get access to all the fantastic activities that take place around the country, so that together with you we can reduce loneliness and provide access to the communities.

Let’s have a no-obligation chat about how it can be done
Book an online meeting with Signe. Here we talk about how your activity can be part of the community, how it can be done, what you get and everything in between.

Find a time that fits into your calendar right here:

Together we can make a difference
Together we can make friends and give people with developmental disabilities a greater opportunity to maintain the good relationships that arise during activities, events and arrangements.