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What can I do in the app and how does it work?

It’s not just friends you’ll find. We have much more to offer you

Burger menu
The three lines in the upper left corner are your burger menu. Here you can, among other things, edit your profile with a new background image, change your interests, write a short biography text about yourself and upload all your photos in your gallery.

Under the burger menu you will also find calendar, games, guardian account, invite new friends, you can see which podcasts and posts you have saved, and see which posts you have shared with the rest of us.

And for the sake of convenience, you also have the option to talk to us directly from here.

As a member of our online kazboo community, you have the opportunity to make new friends and make online contact with the friends you already have.

We have made the app so that you can participate even if you are not so good at writing and reading. In the app, you can talk to your friends with audio and video messages. You can send them both pictures and videos, and you can also share the things you find interesting on your page.

With your interests, you can find friends who have the same interest.

An example
Let’s say you love baking cakes. When you need to find friends, you click on the bake icon, and then the app will show you all those who are also fond of baking.

You can now send them a friend request, and when you have become friends, you can always start by talking about baking. Then you have something in common to talk about right from the start of your friendship.

It could be that you love baking cakes and the friend you contacted loves baking bread. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have a common interest. Because you both like to bake. And maybe you can even exchange recipes. You may also want to bake bread.

When we start by talking about something that interests us – especially when we talk to others who also have that interest, it is much easier to talk about other things afterwards.

That is why we have built the app around shared interests. And we have many interests in the community. There is surely also an interest that suits you.

You can choose all the ones you want. And the more interests you have, the more friends we can find for you.

What is an interest?
Occasionally we meet people who say that they don’t do anything, so therefore they have no interests.

But an interest doesn’t have to be something you go to at all. It can also be something you think is cozy and nice – such as watching a film, baking a cake, playing a game, going for a walk, enjoying yourself with your pet or perhaps making a bouquet of flowers.

All these are interests. You can also call them a hobby. We just call them interests here in the community.

Not just friends, but also knowledge and entertainment
It’s not just friends you’ll find here in our online community. We also have many other things you can do.

You can also play games and listen to podcasts and audio narrations.

And then there is also our entire “Explorer” part of the app. This is where you meet organizations, associations, activities, festivals, music arrangements, events and others that offer activities and education for people with developmental disabilities. Here you can find knowledge and learn something. You can also see where and when different activities take place, and you can participate in a lot of online activities. We have, among other things, made a stone-stacking competition, where the participants had to stack stones on top of each other and take a picture of their stone tower and post a picture in the app. Online communities don’t just happen from the couch. Even if we are not together doing things, we can easily have community online. And it’s so much fun to see what the other friends get up to.

It is also your interests that show us what we should do with activities, audio narrations and teaching, so that it will be interesting for you to be part of the app.

Find friends when you’re out at concerts or activities, and take them home in your back pocket
When you participate in an activity and meet new people, we have made it easy for you to bring them home. We know that it can be difficult to keep in touch when the festival is over. That is why we have created an easy way to invite friends you meet into the app.

You can do this easily with your personal QR code.

You just show it to the new friend you’ve met. The person can then scan the code and register as a user, and then you are already friends in the friendship app.

Inside Explorer, you will also find friendship accounts for various events, and here you can find many of the friends who were also there, and you can become friends with them that way.