benefit from having an online community

Connect your members closer to you and let even more people benefit from your work

Case studies
Riding therapy, festival, sports event, cafe or something completely different. If you work with people with developmental disabilities, both you and your members can benefit from an online community on the social platform kazboo.

Here we have collected a few case studies for you, so that you can be inspired.

Organizations we welcome in the online community
Do you or your organization work with?

  • Clubs and/or cafes
  • Media
  • Events
  • Activities
  • Short or long courses in various forms
  • Life learning lessons (economy, community, sex and love life, health, etc.)
  • Social support
  • Festivals/music events
  • Exercise and movement
  • Cooking/baking
  • Creativity
  • Nature/gardening
  • Mental care
  • Chores
  • Care and support
  • Involvement in the local community
  • Sports events
  • To create friendships and relationships
  • Specially arranged trips
  • Summer/winter camps
  • Holidays/day trips
  • School education
  • Outdoor activities

… or perhaps something completely different that supports people with developmental disabilities, then we have space and community for you. Together we make a difference, and together we can change lives.

Meet us offline

Should we meet?

Meet us offline so we can become friends online

We participate in activities around the country. It can be at festivals, for music events, sporting events, friendship parties, summer schools and everything in between.

You can always come and ask us about the app, about friendships, about how to join and all the other questions you might have.

We are also often at the events to record for our podcast SO SPECIAL, which are audio stories about life, friendships, experiences and a developmental disability. If you would like to be part of it, we are ready to do an interview with you.

kazboo also does activities and projects themselves, where the focal point is friendships and reducing loneliness. All current and new members of the community are welcome.

In the app you can follow which activities we participate in and where you can meet us. We look forward to meeting you offline so we can become friends online. If you are already a member of the app, come and say hello to us. We love meeting our members.

If you know of events and activities where we can meet our members and perhaps also make good podcast recordings, we would like to hear from you. We love to be involved.

Fill out the form and we’ll get back to you right away.

Online vs. offline communities

Online vs. offline communities

Online does not exclude offline

Online and offline go hand in hand
An online community not only benefits your members, it benefits your organization at least as much.

Not least the pandemic showed us all that doing as we usually do does not work 100% anymore. The need to be able to offer our activities in a different way, to be able to support, help, connect with each other and strengthen the community for people with developmental disabilities is growing.

Everyone experiences a growing need to be able to reach each other online. Although we have come to the other side of the pandemic and the world has opened up again, an online presence is still a growing need and a good strategy.

An online presence means that our communities can reach far beyond the limits of activities, events, events, courses and teaching that were previously set. Now we can create communities online that are at least as rewarding as our offline communities are, and they complement each other in the best possible way.

The big differences that play together
One of the very big differences between an online and an offline community is that with an online community you can engage, help, support, reach and be in dialogue with your members, even if you are not physically together, and you can communicate in a form where your members themselves can be active.

In kazboo, we communicate with e.g. images, sound and video. So even if your members can’t read and write very well, you can have a dialogue with them without them having to have it read out by someone else. This means that the distance between you and your members is no longer long, and that contact can take place much faster.

Another of the really big differences is that with an online community you can reach far beyond your geographical boundary. Online, everyone can participate, no matter where they live. Although you are located in Chicago US, you can now offer your activities to people in Naperville, Aurora and Rockford. Far more people can benefit from the work you and your organization do every day.

Online also means that members can participate when they have time. You will therefore be able to get even more people to participate in an online activity, because they can see and hear it when it fits into their programme.

An online presence makes your offline activities better
Online in interaction with an offline activity provides even greater engagement.

People meet and can take their friendships home in their back pocket from your activity, they even have a common point of interest. For you as an organizer, this means that you can be in a much deeper and longer-lasting dialogue and contact with your participants.

You can warm them up well in advance of the activity, you can get even more people involved in the activity and you can subsequently keep them excited until your next activity.

Last but not least, you can also get direct user feedback on your event, so you can become even more knowledgeable about what your participants want and need.

If you want to take a closer look at how an online presence can benefit your offline activity, we have written much more about why and how a friendship account can do just that.

Dialogue with your members makes your material better
Online, you can engage your members right from the start when you develop events, activities, education and entertainment.

This means that you can more quickly achieve the goal of making material that fits them like a glove.

You can do polls, polls, get test groups and really get an in-depth picture of the form in which the material needs to be created and delivered so that the most people possible benefit from it.

One of the clear advantages of starting out by asking members online is that you get quicker responses and you also have a much larger group of people to ask.

If your organization works with fund projects, an online presence can help develop better fund projects, but it can also help to reach the number of people the project is intended for.

Your members are the best ambassadors
An online community brings you closer to your current and future members.

You will be much more visible to them, they will trust you more and they will know you much better. And you get to know them much better.

When we can meet together about an activity and a common interest in a dialogue that is present, we become better friends.

That your members know you better, that you have become good friends, creates good ambassadors for your organization.

Members invite other members to follow you because they trust you and like what you do.

Online does not exclude offline
Online and offline go hand in hand when we talk about communities. It should not be seen as either or, but rather as both and.

Both parts will not only benefit your members and participants, but also to a large extent your organization.

Get started quickly

Get started with your online community

– in under 30 minutes and with 5 easy steps

We have made it easy for you and your organization to get started with your online community in kazboo. It can all be done in less than 30 minutes and in 5 easy steps.

If you need help, we are of course there for you.

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Step 1
Register your organization

As soon as your registration has landed with us, we will review it, and you will then receive an email with a link to create a password and access your administration panel.

Step 2
Login to the administration panel, set up your account with logo, app icon, cover image and a friendly description of your organization.

Step 3
Upload images to your gallery.

Upload images that represent your work, how you do it, your audience, location, your team and images that can tell the story of your work

Step 4
Make your first post and make the first contact with your members.

You can make your post in many ways. In the kazboo community, we communicate with video, audio and images as the most important communication resource. So everyone can participate, even if it is a little difficult to read and write.

Step 5
You will receive a personalized invitation page containing a QR code. You can use it in your marketing to invite your members into the app and follow you. When they follow you, they will automatically receive all information that comes from your organization account in the future.

We help you all the way
We have gathered all the details about formats and good tips and tricks for you in our friendship guide. You automatically get access to it when you register as an organization.

In addition, you can always find instructions in our success center, which you can find in your control center.

Are funds tight in your organization? Or is the organization 100% voluntary?
We would like to help those organizations that can benefit greatly from being part of the community and that can offer our online community content that benefits all members, but where the funds are small.

Let us make friends together

Let's make friends together

to your activity and together increase your impact on the participants

Friendships are made when people meet, but often they end up running out of steam because they never really get going. It can be difficult to make contact in the days after an event. And this means that many relationships and future friendships never get wings to fly. We are changing that now.

The new social friendship app kazboo for people with developmental disabilities helps create and maintain new and old friendships.

With a friendship account in the app for your specific event, activities, events and daily work, your participants can meet online and keep in touch and meet others who also participated in the event.

For your activities, this means that more people see the activity and you as the sender. You will have an obvious opportunity to keep existing and future participants more engaged and excited both now and in the future. And you will have been given a channel to talk about your activities directly to the target group.

Together with you, we create friendships and community for people with developmental disabilities.

Shall we make friends about your activity?
We know that when you organize an activity such as a festival, a summer school, a trip to the North Sea or something else, there is plenty to take care of. Therefore, we offer to start your friendship account well, so that it can start working for you in the community.

When you have caught your breath and the activity is finished, you take over the friendship account and can prepare for the next activity and start building your special online community yourself.

All you have to do right now is send us the material
In other words, we become your own little online community marketing agency for your activity. We start you off safely and well and of course keep you informed about how things are going, so that you can follow along at all times and are well prepared to take care of the account yourself in the future.

From you we must use

  • A logo. Either for the activity itself or from you who hold it

  • A few pictures. It can be from previous activities you have held, from the venue, from organizers or similar. If you don’t have pictures, we can help you find some that can set the mood

  • A short film if you have it Information about the activity such as date and time, address, ticket sales and the like.

When we have it, we do

  • Create a friendship account in kazboo

  • Market your event to the members in the app via your friendship account

  • Sends your completely unique invitation QR code and invitation page to you, so that the participants can easily find you in the app. You can put it in/on your material, website, invitations etc.

  • Sending you a poster that you can print and hang up with the invitation QR code for the event, so that the participants can find you in the app.

Our mission is to create a safe and secure community where people meet, create relationships and also get access to all the fantastic activities that take place around the country, so that together with you we can reduce loneliness and provide access to the communities.

Let’s have a no-obligation chat about how it can be done
Book an online meeting with Signe. Here we talk about how your activity can be part of the community, how it can be done, what you get and everything in between.

Find a time that fits into your calendar right here:

Together we can make a difference
Together we can make friends and give people with developmental disabilities a greater opportunity to maintain the good relationships that arise during activities, events and arrangements.

The possibilities of the platform

Get started

with all the platform’s options

For the members, the kazboo community is about being able to communicate, get involved, learn something and have friends.
For the organizations to be able to be in contact with its current and future members, to spread awareness of the work the organization does, and to bring its members together in a community that remains alive despite pandemics, austerity, illness and holidays.

kazboo is the online place where members and organizations meet in communities and benefit greatly from each other.
Therefore, the app for members and the administration panel for organizations is easy and straightforward to use.

All communication in the kazboo app is tailored to our members. This means that we communicate with video, sound, graphics, images and very small bits of text.

In the administration panel you can:

  • Create, schedule and post your daily posts, events and events, activities and courses and more

  • You can engage your members with responses to their comments on your content. Do it with tools like text, audio files, video, images, likes and emojis

  • You can be in direct contact with your members and answer their questions in your message center
  • Show what the organization works with, who you are and what activities you hold on your profile page. Of course, like everywhere else on the platform, you can also do this with video, images, texts and sound

  • Use your organization’s personal QR code to invite your members to be part of your community

  • View statistics so you have an overview of what kind of content performs best

We are here to help you all the way to a vibrant community.
And this means that we are constantly coming up with different measures so that you can be dressed as well as possible to look after your online community. We do this in several ways, and as an organization you can freely choose where and what you use your energy for.

Success magazine
In your cockpit you will find our success magazines under “Success Center”. Successmagazine is a guide with practical tools to make your work in kazboo even better and easier. We teach you step-by-step how to create engagement, record videos and audio, use storytelling as an explanatory element and much more.

Upcoming holidays and events
We keep you on track with events and upcoming holidays to give you ideas on how to build material and posts around them.

Success Center
In addition to success magazines, you can also find setup instructions, tips and tricks. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can always fill in a support ticket. Then we will probably help you further.

Online workshops

We often hold workshops where you can learn and be inspired about how to get the most out of the possibilities in kazboo. Workshops have different formats and we do a mix of the following:

  • Online workshops, where we give you training in how kazboo can help you, for example, market your activity online, attract more members, use kazboo as part of your fund project and much more

  • “Coffee and content” live workshops where we help you plan your monthly content

If you can’t participate live, you can always watch it later. It will all be ready for you in your success center.

All organizations can greatly benefit from an online community

Whether you are a large or small organization, whether you have many members or few, has no bearing on whether you can benefit and enjoy an online community.

Being present and personal to your members can make a big difference for them.

They get to know you as an organization much better and develop a completely different and much closer friendship and relationship with you.

It gives more commitment and higher impact, which benefits everyone. Book a meeting with Signe and hear how your organization can benefit from having an online community in kazboo.