How to get started

How to get started with the app

Friends, conversation, knowledge and fun await you

Welcome to our online friendship community kazboo. Here you find friends, learn new things, play small games and join the community.

With 3 easy steps you are up and running

  1. Click on one of the icons below and download the kazboo app on your phone. You can also find the app in Google Play or the App Store under the name kazboo.

  2. Click on “REGISTER” and register as a member.

  3. After approval, update your profile so that others can find you more easily. See you in the community where you can play games, make friends, learn and share your life with the rest of us

You must be 15 years old to be able to participate in the kazboo app.

In the app I can

What can I do in the app and how does it work?

It’s not just friends you’ll find. We have much more to offer you

Burger menu
The three lines in the upper left corner are your burger menu. Here you can, among other things, edit your profile with a new background image, change your interests, write a short biography text about yourself and upload all your photos in your gallery.

Under the burger menu you will also find calendar, games, guardian account, invite new friends, you can see which podcasts and posts you have saved, and see which posts you have shared with the rest of us.

And for the sake of convenience, you also have the option to talk to us directly from here.

As a member of our online kazboo community, you have the opportunity to make new friends and make online contact with the friends you already have.

We have made the app so that you can participate even if you are not so good at writing and reading. In the app, you can talk to your friends with audio and video messages. You can send them both pictures and videos, and you can also share the things you find interesting on your page.

With your interests, you can find friends who have the same interest.

An example
Let’s say you love baking cakes. When you need to find friends, you click on the bake icon, and then the app will show you all those who are also fond of baking.

You can now send them a friend request, and when you have become friends, you can always start by talking about baking. Then you have something in common to talk about right from the start of your friendship.

It could be that you love baking cakes and the friend you contacted loves baking bread. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have a common interest. Because you both like to bake. And maybe you can even exchange recipes. You may also want to bake bread.

When we start by talking about something that interests us – especially when we talk to others who also have that interest, it is much easier to talk about other things afterwards.

That is why we have built the app around shared interests. And we have many interests in the community. There is surely also an interest that suits you.

You can choose all the ones you want. And the more interests you have, the more friends we can find for you.

What is an interest?
Occasionally we meet people who say that they don’t do anything, so therefore they have no interests.

But an interest doesn’t have to be something you go to at all. It can also be something you think is cozy and nice – such as watching a film, baking a cake, playing a game, going for a walk, enjoying yourself with your pet or perhaps making a bouquet of flowers.

All these are interests. You can also call them a hobby. We just call them interests here in the community.

Not just friends, but also knowledge and entertainment
It’s not just friends you’ll find here in our online community. We also have many other things you can do.

You can also play games and listen to podcasts and audio narrations.

And then there is also our entire “Explorer” part of the app. This is where you meet organizations, associations, activities, festivals, music arrangements, events and others that offer activities and education for people with developmental disabilities. Here you can find knowledge and learn something. You can also see where and when different activities take place, and you can participate in a lot of online activities. We have, among other things, made a stone-stacking competition, where the participants had to stack stones on top of each other and take a picture of their stone tower and post a picture in the app. Online communities don’t just happen from the couch. Even if we are not together doing things, we can easily have community online. And it’s so much fun to see what the other friends get up to.

It is also your interests that show us what we should do with activities, audio narrations and teaching, so that it will be interesting for you to be part of the app.

Find friends when you’re out at concerts or activities, and take them home in your back pocket
When you participate in an activity and meet new people, we have made it easy for you to bring them home. We know that it can be difficult to keep in touch when the festival is over. That is why we have created an easy way to invite friends you meet into the app.

You can do this easily with your personal QR code.

You just show it to the new friend you’ve met. The person can then scan the code and register as a user, and then you are already friends in the friendship app.

Inside Explorer, you will also find friendship accounts for various events, and here you can find many of the friends who were also there, and you can become friends with them that way.

The super users

The super users welcome you

The super friends are ready to help you and they help to look after the community

In the app you meet super users. You can recognize them by the fact that they have a star next to their profile picture.

Superusers are users who have been in the app for a very long time, and they can help you if you have questions, need help or want a new friend. As with all other members in the app, the friendship between you and a super user must be done with a selfie.

The super users can help if you send them a friend request and a message. They know the app well, and they help us all take good care of the members and the community.

Safe and secure

A safe and secure online community

We take good care of our members and our community

The safety of our members is our highest priority. And security in particular is an area that we are constantly working to improve. We work with a vulnerable group of people, and we take that responsibility seriously all the time.

This is also why we are active and online together with our members. Real people who look after the community.

Closed system

The kazboo app is a closed system. This means that no link can be shared either in or out of the app. It is therefore not possible to share a link to, for example, a YouTube video. This also means that – unlike e.g. Facebook – the members' mail does not come up when you search for them on e.g. Google. Everything that happens in kazboo stays in kazboo. You must be 15 years old to be able to register in the kazboo app

We must constantly improve - and we do

Our commitment is to do our utmost to protect our users from contact fraud, harassment and identity theft. It's an area where we're constantly evolving, and we do our absolute best to create a 100% safe space. All hours of the day, our systems learn and monitor behavior and patterns. As active online users, we look after our members and work to support our users.

Members approve members

You must be approved to join the community. It happens when you take a selfie. If you are invited by another member in the app, the approval is done by the member who invited. If you come directly from the App Store or Google Play, the approval is done by our support.

Friend requests with selfie approval

To become friends in the app, you must send a friend request. Along with it, you must send a selfie. First of all, it's nice to see who wants to be friends with someone, and secondly, you can decipher if it's a real person and not a picture taken by something else.

Easy reporting and blocking tools

You can report and block content and people. When you report, the content disappears so you can no longer see it. When something is blocked and reported, we are immediately notified and our support acts according to our rules.

Automatic blocking of inappropriate words

In the community, we speak nicely to each other! Inappropriate words in categories such as sex, money, racist, offensive and derogatory words cannot be used. The same applies to bank account numbers, social security numbers, payment cards, passwords etc.

Get help from guardians and superusers

As a member of the app, you can have a guardian account. A guardian can support and help and can follow what is happening. The super users are members of the community who know the app really well and are very active in the community. You can always ask for advice and get help from them, directly between member and super user.

Active approvals of online and active administrators and moderators

We are active and online with our users. In addition to our systems, there are also real, live people who help look after the members and the community. We are both administrators and superusers.

Friendship question

How do I make a friend and then what?

We answer friendship questions

How do I get a friend?
When you want to make new friends, you have to dare to make the first contact. Here in the friendship app, you send a friend request to the person you want to be friends with. Your new friend must accept that request.

When you send a friend request, you must also send a selfie.
Then the recipient can see that you are a real person, and because it always feels nicer when you have seen the face of the person who wants to be online friends with you.

When you have made a new friend, it is good if you make the first contact.
You can send the friend a short message where you simply say hello.

It can be a little strange to get a friend request, and then nothing more happens. If one does not initiate contact, it can be difficult to start the friendship.

You can also go to the friend’s profile and see the posts, photos that your friend has made. You can also see which interests and which organizations your new friend follows.

You can use all of that to ask questions.

You may be able to ask: “Which audio books do you like to listen to?” or “You have many pictures of cars – are cars your interest?”

Start with friendly and easy questions
It is a good thing to start out easy and friendly and ask questions that are easy and nice to answer.
If you start with a difficult or uncomfortable question, your new friend may not want to answer.

A good rule for questions is
Would you want to answer the question yourself if someone you didn’t know asked you?

If you think: “No, I wouldn’t”, then don’t ask the question. Then it’s better to come up with something else.

What should I say to a new friend?
Here are 9 questions you can use to start a conversation. These questions are not the ones we often use, such as: “What is your job?” and “Where do you live?”

  1. Where did you grow up?
  2. What do you like to do for fun?
  3. What are your favorite series?
  4. How is your family? Do you have brothers or sisters?
  5. What kind of music do you like best?
  6. What are you looking forward to this week?
  7. What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do?
  8. What’s the best movie you’ve seen recently?
  9. What are you looking forward to this week or weekend?

We can do much better. By using different questions, you can learn a lot more about the other person, and the answers you get can help you ask something new.

Because you can talk a lot more about your favorite music than where you live, and it’s a lot easier to ask other people questions when you can see and hear that they’re passionate about a topic.

It’s hard to keep the conversation going when the answer is just a single word.

So the next time you meet a new friend and want to be able to ask about something other than their job and where they live, here are 9 new questions to use.

How can I show my friend that I am happy about our online friendship?
When you’re friends online, it can be a little more difficult to show that you’re happy about the friendship than if you were in the same room.
But luckily, there are still things you can do to show your online friend that you’re happy for the friendship.
Here are 3 things you can easily do that will make your online friend happy and show that you value your friendship.

1: Say that you are happy about the friendship
We all love when someone tells us they are happy to have us as a friend. And you’ll be a good friend by telling it.

It doesn’t have to be a big and long text, just a small message that your friend is important to you.

For example, you can send a message to a friend that sounds like this. “Hi friend. You might think I’m glad we’re friends. It’s so nice to know you here in the app.”

Your friend will be very happy to receive such a message.
And it will make you happy too.

Remember that in the friendship app you can send both text, video and audio messages. So even if you can’t write a good friend message, you can send it as a video or an audio message.

2: Give a genuine compliment
It is good friendship to say nice things to each other. That’s what we call a compliment. We all get very happy when we get a compliment.

And when you give your friend a compliment, you show that:

– You are someone who notices things about your friend

– You are kind

– You are not envious of your friend

You may not be the kind of person who usually gives compliments to others, but we can all learn that. If you practice, you will get good at it, and you will also feel how your positive words not only please the other person, but also yourself.

It doesn’t have to be a huge compliment. It can be as small as: “You have a lovely smile” or “I love your shoes”. As long as you say them genuinely and with a smile in your voice, they will be received in the right way.

3: Be positive
When you talk to people who are positive, you become more positive yourself. They say that positivity is contagious.

But when you talk to someone who complains or feels sorry for himself all the time, you yourself become more angry, complaining and negative. Because negativity is also contagious.

Of course we all have hard times, we all have problems, we are all sad or angry. And there must be room for that. Good friends give you support and time to get through it. But it can’t be sour and negative all the time.

So it is important that you are also positive when you talk to your friends.

If you’re having a bad day, you can tell your friend. Just say, “I’m having a bad day today, and that’s why I’m angry.” Because then your friend knows why, and your friend also knows that it is something that passes again. Your friend will probably want to talk to you about what you are angry or sad about.

What if I don’t like my new friend. How do I end the friendship?
Sometimes a friendship just isn’t a match. And that’s perfectly fine. Even if you share the same interests, it is not certain that you are good at talking together or good at being friends. And that’s totally, totally okay.

If you meet a friend here in the app that you don’t like, that’s okay too. You neither can nor should be friends with everyone.

If you want to stop your friendship, you go to the friend’s profile, click on the 3 dots in the top right corner and click on delete. Then your friendship ends.

Should I meet my new friend?
No you should not. You are online friends here in the app, and that doesn’t mean you have to meet. You are not obliged to do that at all.

If you want to meet, of course you can, but it’s entirely up to you.

And remember that it’s also perfectly ok not to want to meet.

Can I have a partner?
The community in kazboo is about friendships. You can make new friends. But of course a friendship can also develop into becoming boyfriend/girlfriend.

So you can get a partner, but you should know that kazboo is not a partner and dating app, but rather a friendship app.

My friend posts pictures of things that make me uncomfortable – what do I do?
If you find that a friend says things to you that you don’t like, or posts pictures of things that make you uncomfortable, then you shouldn’t be friends. You shouldn’t be friends with someone who makes you feel uneasy.

There may be various reasons why you feel insecure. It could be a post your friend makes that shows things you don’t think are nice.
It could be things your friend says or sends you in a message that makes you sad or uneasy. It could be a comment your friend has written on a post.

You can always block and report a friend in the app who doesn’t behave in a friendly way, or who posts something that is unsafe to look at.

You do this by pressing the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the record, and then you press reports – now 2 things happen.

  1. You can no longer see the record.

  2. We get a message in our system that there is an item that has been reported. Now we look at it, and if it is something that should not be in the app, we take care of it.


Welcome guardian

You are of course also welcome to join

Sometimes it can be nice to have a guardian. And even though the friendship community is for the members, you as a guardian are welcome.

A guardian account with us means that you:

  • get your own account, which is linked to a specific member
  • can see the member’s activity
  • can support, help and follow along
  • can always get in touch with us

You are not active in the app and cannot write messages or post, but you can follow along, support and help.

A guardian account can always be created, even if the member is already well up and running in the app


We gather for activities

Online communities are not only passive, indoor and sedentary – they are also active, outdoor and full of movement.

Online communities don’t just happen from the couch and behind closed doors. Even if we are not together doing things, we can still build community around the activity online.

We gather for offline activities that can be brought to life online with our online friends. One summer activity has been, for example, our stone stacking competition.

In short, the activity involves stacking stones on top of each other to form a tower.
You take a picture of the stone tower and upload that picture to the app.

It is an easy activity that allows everyone to participate. For us, it is not about using the right beach stones. For us, it’s about something happening to the activity.

And that activity provides community between the members. It’s nice to feel like a part of something, and then it’s fun to see what your online friends are up to.

All year round there are various activities in the app for members. What they all have in common is that they are easy, light, fun and can be done without fancy equipment. Accessibility is the key word to create an activity we can all gather around.



Of course, your organization must be part of the community

Application form for organizations and associations
We want our community to have a breadth and a size, so that there is something for everyone in the kazboo community. However, not all organizations or associations have the financial means for an organization membership. If you can offer teaching, entertainment, activities or something completely different to the community, we want to help you.

Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you within 3-4 days, and if we have any questions, we’ll give you a call. We are looking forward to hear from you.

(All information is treated confidentially)

Members interests

Members' interests

Provides development and self-confidence

Interests are much more than something you just spend your free time doing. It is the foundation for friendships and development.
We believe that the best way to learn, develop, participate, have fun and engage is by joining a community that shares our interests and can inspire us to actively participate.

Having a mutual foundation helps ensure a successful experience from the beginning. It is also a major focal point for whether you even want to participate or want to learn.

Therefore, everything we do in our online community is centered around the interests of the members. We have two major focal points of interest. We work with friendships based on the interests of our members and interests in activities which, through the organizations’ material, provide development, independence and knowledge both on the platform and out in reality. That’s why kazboo is all about our members’ interest. When a member registers, we ask for their interests. The interests they choose become their friend and activity finder.

Although the two focal points of interest are different, they go hand in hand.

Friendships based on interests

Starting a conversation about your shared interest in fishing, knitting, favorite music or maybe the same favorite TV show gives a great conversation starter and something to talk about right away, and it takes the pressure off meeting new friends online.

Interests in activities

The interests of the members are also what we use to direct the activities that organizations work with towards the members of the community. We use the interest 'baking' to show activities around baking and cooking from organizations to the member.

Poul meets friends on the social friendship platform who share his interests, and he can get involved in organizations that offer information, knowledge, activity and events that capture his interest and motivation.

Now he can get lessons, life lessons and be part of different groups that show and teach him about baking, fishing, finances, or follow an organization that has online Christmas activities in December. Interest drives commitment and involvement, and Poul learns more and better.

As an active organization in kazboo, you can easily enter Poul’s world with your content. You also set interests on your content so we know who to show your content to.

An example
Your organization offers a short course on how to clean your kitchen. It is done in an online format and it must be offered to the members of your online community.

In your administration panel (your control panel for all your material) you upload your video, give it a short description and then select the interests that are related to your content.

In this case, the category ‘Household’ is obvious. In this category we find e.g. washing up, cleaning and the slightly wider interest of housekeeping.

In the category ‘Food’ we find, among other things, dinner and cooking, which are also interests that can point to the content.

All members with interests that match are now introduced to the course on how to clean your kitchen.

An online community can contribute so much both to your members and to your organization.

You can help and support even more, and the members can get involved in your particular organization. Now you have a joint opportunity to support each other.

Different organizations have different communities. Here you can read about how riding therapy, a café and a festival’s online community can look like and what content you as an organization can use online.